With the lockdown and the economically stressful situation this winter, our team, has decided to help our customers out with some extra services:

- With repairs booked online, we can pick up your device from you, repair it and drop it back to you at mere £ 10 charge. To avail click the pickup option at checkout.

- Any phone or computer that you want to buy or get repaired use Klarna at the payment section to break the payment down into 3 interest free instalments. The 1st payment is made the same day, upon which you get the device (computer or mobile) that you have bought or repaired, delivered to you. 2nd payment is made after 30 days and 3rd 30 days after the 2nd payment.

- All items purchased will be delivered within 1-2 working days, free of charge.


Always here for you, Alpha Tech team