Technology Procurement

A good price is important, but often you need more than just that.

You may know what your need is, without knowing which product best meets it, and want some advice.

You will want a reliable service: for your purchases to turn up when and where they should, and if there’s going to be any delay you want to know about it well before it happens. And, should there ever be a problem, you want to be able to call or message a person (not a bot!) and get it quickly and painlessly resolved.


How Alphatech can help:

Alphatech can provide an efficient, responsive and reliable product sourcing service.

Working with an experienced team you can benefit from:

independent technical guidance and recommendations

expert pre-sales advice on the best fit solution for your needs

specialist configuration, install, deploy-to-desk and retail roll-out services

world-wide delivery, inclusive of customs documentation

BI and reporting to help inform your future procurement plans.

Alphatech can help you save time, relieve you of unnecessary hassle and reduce your cost of technical procurement.


An IT partner you can rely upon